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Do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

Its The Right Brain vs Left Brain test

Give it a go if you haven't already:,21598,2249...

So which side of the brain do you use more? im a lefty!


If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa.

It says that most of us would see it goin' anti-clockwise, yet if we focus on it, you can actually change it frm goin opposite and for me it works if i motion my head at the way i want it to go lol and yeh its weird when i first saw it cos it was goin clockwise, then when i glanced away for a sec then went back to it, it changed lol

Update 2:

oooh great point there eric!! :)

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thnx Jaysin :)

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ops sorries Jasyin lol

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    I noticed the dancer move clockwise first, however I know for a fact that I more often use the logic/fact-based thinking qualities way before the imaginative/belief-based qualities on the right.

    So, I don't think those statements are accurate. I think the actual reason for looking at the object turning one way or the other is based on your dominant eye (first) and brain (second). I am left-handed so I use the right side of my brain (and eye) more dominantly.

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    Well she was going Clockwise. then I looked over for a second and back and she was going counter, then looked away and back again and counter again. That is a awkward sensation... to have something change direction while continuously flowing in a set motion.

    Good find!!

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    I see it turning clockwise. I guess that means I'm a righty!

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    I can't see how it could be turning counter-clockwise...

    I guess I'm a righty!

    Weird, now she's turning left...

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    I was right, but after a lot of focusing I could see the other way too

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    counter clockwise

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    shes turning right when i first look! but then, i looked again and she turned left HAHAA!!! how wierd... ive always known im a righty though

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    I see it counterclockwise....what is anticlockwise?

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