What makes a women stay away from a man?


I would like to know, what is that before marriage or after mariage, a women can keep herself away from a man, isn't she excited about the intimacy part, sex, and happy together life.

What are the things that can keep her away from man, or even when she has the best person in her life, why she doesn't accept him completely. Is she trying to be more conservative, is she shy, is she keeping her emotions under control or killing her emptions?

What is it?

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    The woman might be going through something emotionally, which may cause her to be distant, like depression or sadness or loss of interest. Or she may just be gradually falling out of love with the man, or never loved him in the first place...or maybe she's seeing someone else, or maybe she feels that she is or maybe she's angry with the man for something she feels that he wronged her about.

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    Intimacy can be just sitting together watching a moving.

    Sometimes it is hard to accept someone completely when you find some of their emotions baffling. In that case, you accept their words

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    it could be any number of things, she's cautious or afraid of him, she sees bad traits in him (like lying or cheating), she doesn't want to marry him, she has issues with intimacy and sex that make it hard to open up to him or... she blames him for something he may or may not have done.

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    These are my reasons:-

    Because he overwhelms me - he is too confident sometimes.

    Because he wears shorts in the winter months (has very hairy legs and ridiculously shaped knees)

    Because he sometimes uses cheap aftershave.

    I dont trust him - he lies.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I assume there would be individual reasons for each case. but, personally its because I'm scared of becoming too involved and getting hurt.

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    Basically we use our head over any sexual desire. We know what would be smarter, and it's more beneficial to wait to make sure the person is right.

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    lesbian, does that ring a bell

  • 1 decade ago

    farting or body odor

  • ~Baby~
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    1 decade ago

    When he doesn't shave~!

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