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Are eye drops bad for me?

I am a new contact lens wearer and I have heard people say that eye drops have caused them allot of problems when they were wearing contacts. Currently I use clear eyes for contact lens relief and use 1 drop in each eye about 3 times a day because my eyes seem to dry out allot.

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    First of all Clear Eyes, Visine or any drop that says "Gets the red out," is bad for the eye. While it does get a bit of the red out immediately by paralyzing the vessels, it makes your eye redder when it wares off.

    Now, the eye can only hold 1/2 a drop every 1-3 hours So you have a good regimen. Now you need to change the drops. Artificial tears. They have regular ones that moisten the eye, but sometimes contains preservatives to keep them "fresh." The others are called preservative free. These come in individual use vials. Now if you decide to use these, it is good to know that there is usually enough for two separate doses in those vials. So after the first use, put a cap on it, (aluminum foil, and put it in the fridge until you next dose. Try to use these drops before the problem occurs.

    These types of drops are good for the eye and con not hurt. So you can use them as often as you like, but you sound like you have a good dosing schedule.

  • Eye drops for contact lens wearers have active agents to help lubricate the eye. Each manufacturer has a different formula. It is not unusual for someone to have an allergic reaction to one of the agents in one particular mix. Sometimes it is trial and error until you find what works, but you can look at a table with different artificial tears' ingredients at:


    You may want to read about dry eye treatment at:


    A primary culprit in problems with artificial tears is the preservative that is used to keep the drops from spoiling. A preservative is like a very light toxin. With enough toxin or a toxin to which you are allergic, you can get a reaction like dry eyes. Yes, artificial tears may cause dry eyes if they are the wrong formula for you.

    It is possible to purchase preservative-fee artificial tears. They are usually on the shelf next to the artificial tears with preservatives. They are easy to spot. They come in single use vials, and the cost a bit more.

    Source(s): Glenn Hagele Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance http://www.usaeyes.org/ I am not a doctor.
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    Visine contains a decongestant which should not be utilized by human beings with some scientific circumstances (warning on bottle). utilising a decongestant many times will bring about rebound congestion: your eyes will become crimson given which you stopped utilising Visine, no longer through allergic reactions. yet additionally Visine isn't very stable as a scientific look after allergic reactions. Itching, redness etc from allergic reactions could be plenty extra desirable controlled with oral antihistamines or prescription eye drops. See your loved ones wellness practitioner or eye wellness practitioner for suggestion and useful scientific care of eye hypersensitive reaction.

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