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How good is your memory?

WITHOUT reading my profile, only going on Q&A's, what do you know about me?


It's not a monster truck, just a Dodge with a 10" lift.

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    this is gonna be easy you have a wife and a 2 year old. you like to wrestle them. you love lifted trucks shooting strays in the yard. live in the country and you like some of these bands H.I.M. Seether Marilyn Manson Tantric. you also like jon reep and only drive dodge vehicles. except for the mazda 323 beside the shed of course that has a blown head gasket. did i miss something lol

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    Nothing much at all... just u love to xchange clothes and ride in trucks chasing and hunting ppl down with ur gun... thats all... never read ur profile, or answers to ur qs unless ive answered the same q... or ur response to a q comes up in my profile under contacts q and answers... so to answer ur q Jack S**T... Oh yeh ur insulted my friend too...

  • You are southern and like big red trucks, possibly Monster trucks?

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    My memory sucks, I forget about things about an hour later

    Who are you again? L0L

    Wait...I got it, You're the Mud Bogging person

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    You have a monster truck avatar and your user name is "Howdy y'all."

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i no that your a husband, you have a wife and a duaghter and you LOVE the country life!


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    1 decade ago

    Sorry, I forgot how good my memory is.

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