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Aggressive female rabbits?

I had a seven months year old local breed female rabbit. Whenever my friends bring their rabbits over to my house,my rabbit will start to get aggressive and even bit one of it.She is easily jealous when there aer other rabbits in the house.I can't even touch or play with other rabbits and when I do It,my rabbit can smell it when I touched her and she will bite me or attack me.And I can't carry her too.I know rabbits hate to be carried but all my friends had no problem with theirs.How do I train my rabbit to be carried and not always be so aggressive?


I carried it the carried way but it still seem to be struggling.I can only carried it when I bring her out.My friends bunnies all can be carried while only mine cant.They had tried to carry mine too but still,mine still will struggle.what should I do?

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    Female rabbits are very territorial, thats why when you breed rabbits you put the female in the males cage, having other rabbits in her territory she is displaying a natural response. Do not think you pet is jealous,, animals don't have that ability.

    I have raised well over 200 rabbits, you can easily pick them up. You need to make them feel secure, put one hand around thier hind legs clasping them together , make their bum feel secure, (like they will not fall) and one hand clasp around thier front legs. The more secure the pet feels the less likely they will fidget while being carried.

    Rabbits can be great pets, but do keep in mind they still have a wild instinct, they are not pack animals, nor are the social animals, normally they live alone, so if your pet rabbit does not socialize well , that is a natural insticnt.

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    She is showing territorial behavior, she is warming the other bunnies to get out of her area.

    You should never bring another rabbit near her, its normal behavior and she can really harm them.

    Two females also never get along with each other, and even if its a male she may not like him being on her turf.

    Rabbits dont like to be carried as they dont feel comfortable unless they are firmly on the ground.

    You can try to put a towel around her when you carry her so she is more calm and hold her closly and firmly to your body.

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    not true, some rabbits love to be carried. females can be pretty aggressive especially when other rabbits go on her territory. to stop her aggression for good, have your vet spay and neuter her. it will probably make her easier to be carried too.

    the struggling could have been from holding her wrong, did you make sure you carried her from her back and derriere? both these are videos of how to carry and about aggressive rabbits, it should help you a lot.

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    Youtube thumbnail

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    let her know that there are other rabbits but she will always be number one.

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