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When you register for a party, do you think that the gallup polls take that into consideration?

Do they make predictions base on who you're registered with? I just wonder how many Hillary supporters have switched to McCain now and how inaccurate the polls could be.


The polls were almost 6% off when Clinton was first elected!

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    It depends on how they frame their quesitons. Usually, they ask which candidate seems better for.....(Whatever issue)

    They might ask how enthusiasitc are you about one candidate or the other

    and lastly they ask "if you were to vote today, who woulkd you vote for?"

    The last quesiton is called a "forced answer" because if a voter has not made up their mind there's no place to say that in many polls. THis is why polls are not dependable until later in the campaign cycle when the independents are makign up their minds.

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    The Gallup polls ring people at random. So if Hillary supporters had switched to McCain they would assumedly tell Gallup that - hence there is no reason to believe the polls are inaccurate.

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    The polls are based on respondents, not party affiliation. The technocrats take your party affiliation into account when predicting, but not the pollsters.

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    In my state they call 4% more Democrats.

    Colorado votes Republican.

    That's right, because we cling to our religion and guns.

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