Spring Trends 2008 (in aus)?

What do you think the main trends will be this spring (in Aus, there always different alll over the world ...)

Oh but if ur not from Australia then what about in YOUR fabulous country ?

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    I'm an Aussie girl (And proud of it lol!) and 50's skirts are coming back. Have you seen the Westfield ads on TV with the stylists dressing that woman? 50's skirts are soooo in. Try wearing on with a white tank top tucked into it with a nice necklace. Also, gladiator sandals are becoming big. You can get the skirts from a store like Temt for around $35. The gladiator sandals can be bought anywhere although Dotti have some nice ones. Hope this helps!

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    well if you scroll to the very bottom of the page there is a bunch of flags and you can go to any country so u can click on aus and ask the men there

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