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What is the average "number" for a 25 year old woman and the average "number" for a 3O year old man?


yeah, sex partners, i guess.

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    to me its about having class and respecting yourself as a person. 1 is not always the looniest number !... if you get my drift.

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    5 and 6

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    i'm 30, and the only guy i've been with is my husband. i would HOPE the average would be 2-3 for a 25 year old woman, but with the little hootchies running around high schools nowadays, that number is going to be very low.

    my husband has been with 5 women, including me, in the past. he's 35.

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    That's basically impossible to calculate...

    I mean if a person is usually in long relationships obviously there average will be much lower, then lets say a person who likes to date around a lot.

    Don't worry about it. Just respect yourself, and do what you want.

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    As in partners??

    I don't know exactly. I'm 25 and have had 3.

    The guy I'm seeing is 35 and has had 7 (long term partners).

    My ex is 31, and he didn't even know how many (ewww!).

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    5-10 for both you wont get an honest answer from him or her.

    she will lower her number to not seem cheap and easy.

    he will lie to if hes talking to his boys he will exagerate and say more

    if he is talking to a female he is interested in he will also lie on the low side unless he thinks she is cheap and easy then he might highball her too

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    whatever tickles your pickle

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    averages are bullshit. who cares?

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