is it possible for a japanese person who graduates from a Japanese school to go to university in US or canada?

if a japanese person graduates from a japanese-sytem high school (even though they studied in international schools outside of japan for most of their lives) would it be possible for them to get accepted into universities in the States, Canada, or UK?

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    Yes, so long as your education fulfilled all of the requirements for entry into the college (that is, you did coursework comparable to what their other entering students have done). They'd also need to pass a language proficiency requirement if they weren't a native speaker.

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  • 1 decade ago happens a lot dad was a chinese person who grad from a chinese college and came to the U.S. and studied 2 get his masters degree.....of course the student has 2 pass a rigorous test and understand english and all.......and lastly they need 2 actually be accepted into the school

  • 1 decade ago

    of course it's possible. as long as all required educational duties were fulfilled pre-college, there's no problem. check w/ specific colleges you're interested in just to be sure :)

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