how to retrieve the current version of yahoo chess?

in chess, i get this indication

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Recently Yahoo updated their chess software program again. And you now need the new version. The first thing you will have to do is remove the old software demo. Standard clearing the cache does not remove game demos (deleting browser history old files clearing cookies, etc) They have to be deleted by manually selecting the Yahoo demo program..

    Go to tools on your tool bar, then select Internet options, browser history, settings button, view objects. Select the game chess and then delete it.


    Go to start,my PC, click on C-drive, Open the windows folder, Next open the downloaded programs folder.your games are listed there. Right click on chess, then delete the chess file.

    Internet explorer works best with yahoo games. If you are trying to use Foxfire make sure Sun java is checked as default java as it will not work with msn virtual machine java

    Go to tools, internet options,advance tab. Scroll down to Sun java check it and java scrolling and JIT.

    Flash player 9's latest update

    is causing some games to not load.use the link below for a download of Flashplayer #9 with debugger. It should work as it's older then last update. You have to remove the present flash player,(add/remove programs in control panel). reboot then download the older version.

    I just tryed chess and got right in using these settings!

    Here is how I set my PC for games and get into any game..If you change over your setting to these it solves 95% of all game problems caused by java conflicts with yahoo games!

    Small fonts is a Sun Java glitch.

    You need java for games,but not to open them,if you have microsoft Virtual Machine. go to start button,settings,, control panel open internet options advance tab,scroll down to see if microsoft vm is there if so unclick the sun java listed. Make sure msn VM and JIT are checked, click apply then ok. close.this lets msn vm launch games. this will SPEED UP game loading time.if you don’t have msn VM, Some XPs do not! Just go here and download it. virtualserver/default.mspx

    I run XP and it should work for vista. This will SPEED UP game loading time also.

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    1 decade ago

    I had the same problem...maybe Yahoo themselves are having difficulties...?

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