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How can I tell my mom about my boyfriend?...please, I'm desperate...?

I'm so desperate for an answer.

You can call me paranoid if you like but I'm afriad (terrified) to tell my mom that I have a boyfriend.

I met him online and he lives only a few states away from me.

Before you ask. Yes. I know who he is, I have talked to him on the phone, seen him in on his webcam so I know he's not some 45yr old perv.

I need to know the BEST way to tell her, because I want to be with him so badly and we might get to meet in a few months.

The reason I haven't told her is because she's dealing with so much sh*t in her life I didn't want to put anything else on her mind.

But please, this is really killing me, I just want some needed advice.


also, I'm in my very late teens and he's just a bit younger then me.

Update 2:

(also) I've been dating him for almost a year now

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    First off don't lie to her tell her the truth how u met name age interests so far he seems like a good guy since he's alright wiht talking on the phone for now but u will want to meet soon n that's good lil nervous but good nervous. Neway just make sure the person ur talkn has sent u a real photo of them not their friend if he has a myspace that's a plus. Neway just come straight out n tell her exactly how u feel about him that's the only way to put it be very open and honest maybe even blunt to her but also give her a chance to tell you how she feels most likely she will freak out if things get worse have her talk 2 him not yell n stay away from daughter perv. Just a formal clean conversation n then let her make her choice. As 4 the age difference it really doesn't matter just how u personally feel about telling people he's younger than u r. Me personally I feel a girl dating a younger guy is ok within a 3 yr difference. You sound mature enough to make your own smart conscious choices so just do what feels right. Don't let neone tell u what or how 2 feel about someone that's all up 2 u. If u tell her now rather than l8r at least she'll know u didn't go behind her back for months n she'll give u some respect 4 that but u said ur n ur late teens already so whethr or not she can accept that you'll b able 2 make ur own decisions soon. Hope evryhting works out n a word of advice don't get mad over little things if u officially date it will make this long distance relationship even more straining. Obviously u can tell i been thru this only we lived n same state diff't city no far from here. Don't screw it up gurl I'm hoping 1 of us will get a happy ending!!!! Good luck!!!!

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    Not to be mean or anything like that, but just because you have seen him via webcam and talked on the phone doesnt mean you know him. If your afraid to tell your mom then maybe there is a reason for it. Most moms will not like it online dating, so goodluck, try writing her a note or something.

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    It's ok. I know ur stress. take a deep breath. Then get in a good conversation. Might be a little awkward. Then tell ur mom about him and why you like him. She should understand. She gone through all of this

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    I think basically what you have said her is great to tell your mom if you can talk to her write it in a letter and ask her to read it then she can really read it before yelling first:)) please note to here that you know she has a lot going on but you don't want to be dis honest to her and this is killing you

    good luck

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    Meet him in person first before deciding to take him as your boyfriend. Let your mom know you're interested in this guy and invite him over for an introduction.

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    I'd wait until you get to meet him. She won't take it well I guarantee it. Just wait because honestly you don't know if you'll even get to meet him and why upset her for nothing?

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    dont tell her then

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