Converting to parametric form?

I have a question here that Im trying to figure out, but Im having a little difficulty converting the equation into parametric form.

The question is...

"Find a unit vector perpendicular to the curve x^2+2*y^2=57 at the point (-5,-4)."

Im unsure of how to go about starting this.

Any help would be great

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    1 decade ago
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    first diffrentiate the function and find dy/dx which will be the slope of the tangent.substitute (-5,-4) in dy/dx.let it be m.

    now -1/m will be the slope of the equation will be

    y=-x/m+c.again substitute (-5,-4) in the equation to find c.

    this way u get the equation of normal.

    now coefficient of x and y can be assumed as the direction ratios.

    using it you can find u can find a unit vector.

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