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Is McCain in Deep Trouble with the latest Polls?


Sept. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Viewers of the first presidential debate said Barack Obama did the better job during the event two nights ago, with 48 percent choosing the Democratic candidate compared with 34 percent for his Republican rival John McCain, according to a USA Today/Gallup poll.

Is his campaign a dead duck?


Does anyone sense a landslide coming?

Update 2:

Will McCain suspend his campaign to go to Pakistan hunt down Osama bin Laden?

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    Unfortunately for McCain, his chances are resting on Sarah Palin at this point. Probably not where he would like to be. Particularly, since last Friday's arena was supposedly McCain's strong suit. I think a lot of people will be disillusioned if McCain drops 10 points or so in the polls. And, yes, I think landslide is something the GOP should be afraid of at this point.

  • There was a poll recently (maybe Bloomberg) that showed people less likely to support McCain the more they found out about him and people more likely to support Obama the more they found out about him.

    And that sort of jives with what has been happening in the polls over the last week or so. As people have started to pay attention, Obama's lead has widened.

    Still a long way to go though. So this thing is not even close to over.

  • Edward
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    1 decade ago

    Yes McCain is in trouble but don't forget that Biden is not doing a favor to Obama with his gaffes...also the small town people are still bitter about Obama as well as some Hillary supporters

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    As for now, the media is reporting as not to stir-up any frustrations. Meaning, there is a landslide coming. The media is controlled by the government and making it a head to head tie. After all, we are talking about "black" and "white" individuals, and we all know about the racial situation in this country. Words of wisdom, let not this country turn out to be in the condition Africa is!

    Source(s): Studies of American History, Vietnam vet.
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  • Anonymous
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    McCain's not in deep trouble yet. He still has a month to regain some ground. I'm looking forward to seeing the VP debate this week. That should one of the last nails in the coffin.

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    No, it was like for the last two elections and it didnt matter. Most people, including myself, dont participate in polls. Its just a small number of individuals that do. Seriously they are way too misleeading.

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    ask Bradley, didn't work out to well for him. And depending on what polls you buy into, changes for one to another. Landslide??? maybe the meds are warring off...just a thought.

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    I hope so but we still have the Bradley effect. There's still a few weeks to go. I'm not going to be all my eggs in one basket anything can happen. The GOP is talking about an October surprise but I h0pe Obama wins. }{

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    Not yet, but he will be in trouble after the VP debates. I guarantee Palin will say something foolish.

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    That's not the most accurate count of the campaign.

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