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my bulldog's nose is very dry and chapped?

my 5 year old bulldog has a dry chapped nose. she is normal and active, and appears to have no pain (which is not surprising in a bulldog) but i know it should not be this way.

I am putting vitamin e oil on it, but I just started that today so I have not seen any changes as of yet.

anyone else experienced this or have any remedies they have used?

thank you!


she is going to the vet in a few days for her checkup and nail trimming so he will check her out then!

olive oil seems like a great idea!

her coat is soft and shiny, I don't think its her food, and she has stainless steel food and water bowls too.

thanks for the info :)

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    dry nose, without any other symptoms, is not typically an indication of a problem

    Try encouraging your dog to drink more fluids.. this will help with any dryness from the inside- out.

    You can put some olive oil on the nose, its moisturizing and is safe if she licks it off.

    Check her coat and skin.. is it dry too? If so try adding more fatty acids to her diet, such as some salmon oil.

    Also what kind of bowls do you feed in? If its plastic, it may be irritating her nose when she eats. Try stainless steel and wash it daily with dish soap and warm water.

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    Bulldog Dry Nose

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    Typically, a dry nose in a dog means they have a cold or some sort of infection. You should be able to call your vet and just ask for ideas or if they think she needs to be seen.

    Source(s): I had dogs my whole life.
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    Yes, the others answered your question, but you should still get your pup to the vet, our french bulldog had the same symptoms for an auto-immune disorder they are prone to having. All can be treated very easy. Good luck

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