Physics question help! v versus t graph?

a) At what time after t = 0 s is the automobile stopped?

b) What is the acceleration of the automobile at t = 4 s?

c) At t = 5 s, how far is the automobile from its t = 0 initial position?

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    The equation describes an merchandise moving at a customary p.c.. v, and with a setting up function (whilst t=0) of x0. For representation, evaluate the equation is (with x in metres and t in seconds): x = 5t + 20 then the preliminary function is 20m and the p.c.. is 5m/s in case you drew a graph (x on y-axis ( fairly complicated), t on x-axis) then the gradient could be the p.c.. (the gradient could be 5 in this representation) and the preliminary function (x0) could be the y-axis intercept (the cost of x wherein the line crosses the y-axis.) i'm now not sure if that's what you recommend, even although I wish it helps.

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