high performance alternator for mazda protege5?

i need an alternator for my car. i got a sound system and upgraded my battery, i got an optima battery and lights still dim.. cant find anywhere...anyone help??

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    I trust you have done your homework on the Optima battery. As I understand it, the Optima has a more durable shell and it increases the cold cranking amps over a longer period of time. The other benefit is that it will sustain a prolonged power draw, like a tow winch, a car stereo system; then be able to recharge in a short amount of time without harming the battery cells. The duration on the draw of the Optima battery is superior to a a standard lead acid battery.

    Perhaps a less expensive solution for your dim headlights would be to replace the HID version to Xenon headlights. These lights are the more efficient lighting source and pull less power on the electrical system. I would suggest PIA Xenon headlights. Xenon works like the fluorescent bulb in a home or facility. Both glow then light up and both are energy efficient so that the power source does not have to pull as much energy from the electrical system. The best thing about Xenon lights are two things: the light quality and dispersion is superior to HID and they last far longer.

    I would go this route, first. It is less complicated and less time and money than installing a high performance alternator. If you change the existing alternator to a higher performing one, then you may have to pay for something else if the new high performance component places greater demand (stress) on other components of the electrical system. In this case less power equals greater performance. Cheers.

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    learn this my friend, the battery (no matter what battery) is only for start up the engine, once the engine is on the battery is useless, engine will run on alternator

    so your dear battery is useless, but the good thing about that is you can discharge your battery and it can recover energy without damage, that make the gel battery better than the regular acid battery

    ok, how to solve the problem... bad news about that, you have to mood your alternator. take out your alternator and go to a good alternator and starter store and compare yours to another alternator who has more amps than yours

    your alt has 80amp and after a search i found the alternator of ranger 2002 4cyls has a 105 amps, but the problem is the housing of the alternator dont match 100% with yours so you have to ask a alternator tech if is possible to swap your housing into the ranger alternator

    if so... you are save but also you have to know you will need to trick the plugs and cables to make it work

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