Advice on how to talk to youngest sister about sex? ?

I have been raising my sister for 5 years since our parents died. She is now 15 years old and is starting to get a lot of attention from guys. Now being a guy I know exactly what is going on in their minds. How do I talk to my sister about being safe and responsible without it getting weird? Should I be honest with her about what I have done and hope she learns from my mistakes?


The thing is I heard " Just say no" over and over and over as a teen and it didn't work at all. I think that I should tell her to say no as much as possible but if she is going to do it, she needs protection.

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    Keep it lighthearted but make it clear that you're serious, too. DO NOT tell her that abstinence is the only way. That's a load of crap and has never convinced a single high school student that I've ever met.

    You should talk to her honestly and openly about everything you know. Make it seem more like you're just having a casual conversation than trying to educate her.

    I would start off by asking her what she knows about sex. She may be hesitant, but chances are at 15 she already knows a lot. She may or may not tell you.

    Tell her everything you know. She's old enough to be able to handle the uncensored truth. Put emphasis on birth control, preventing STD's and not giving into pressure and waiting until you're ready. Don't tell her not to do it yet, because that will make her feel like you're treating her like a child. However, let her know that it's so important to wait until she's ready. You could vaguely mention some of your regrets and if she asks, then go into more detail.

    Above all, be honest. She'll be able to tell if you're bull shitting her. If you don't believe someone should necessarily wait until they're married, don't tell her that.

    Good luck, and I hope it goes well.It seems you've done a great job raising your sister and looking out for her safety and well being. She's lucky yo have a brother like you.

    Source(s): I was a 15 year old girl just three short years ago.
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    absolutely right! But you can not make it seem like you are accusing her of doing anything (even if you know she is) or it may start some kind of argument. Just be honest, let her know it's not easy for you to talk about it but its something that's gotta be done. Just let her know you are there to protect her. Remind her that you maybe older but that doesn't mean you forgot what it's like. Also, let her know that you are there for her if anything does go wrong.

    And I'm sorry to say, but it's always going to get weird no matter what. it's just an uncomfortable subject. You can start off by asking her about some of her guy friends (or her boyfriend) just like a normal conversation. Always be honest and let her know its difficult for you to talk about it. I find you grab peoples attention and seriousness when you let them know you are having a difficult time communicating. They usually try to listen more and put more thought into it.

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    Chances are at 15, she's not naive.

    Even though she's a virgin, she probably socializes with people her age who are talking about sex and talking about it in the worse way.


    She's probably done some sexual education classes in school already.

    Even though she hasn't seen one in person, she probably knows what a penis is and what the vagina is.

    Just be blunt and straight forward with her and tell her that sex is definitely a big deal.. but don't make it taboo because if you make it taboo you'll just end up making it more appealing in a way.. it's normal, it's part of human nature, but it has consequences.

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    If you tell her what you have done, it might get weird and uncomfortable.

    Just tell her what you need to: what guys think about and that she needs to make sure she is safe. But stress the fact that she is too young and should wait until she's at least 18, you know? Just go over the basics with her so she knows.

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    yeah man be honest. if i had a lil sis thats what i wud do. depending how much she knows all ready will determin how much u should tell her. it dosnt want to sound like a lecture. if she knows heaps just remind her shes the gate keeper and that she lets the guys in and out not the other way round and just make the right choices

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    You can say your experiences mabe next time, at the right time. Talking to her when she's in the good mood, like asking her if she got any suitors then try to open up the topic about it. It all depends on the situation wether you can open it about her or she open it up to you... Make a good example to her, even based on you experience. So atleast she'll have a good comparisson between your reactions and reasons compared to what is happening now around her...

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    Do you have a girl friend? It would go over better if she heard th stuff from another girl. Also, keep a box of condoms where she can find them. Make sure she knows where they are, adn tell her, you won't ask where they went if they disappear.

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    honestly i would just be honest.i am 15 and my brother is like the only person who pays attention to when he noticed guys looking at me he sat me down and told me what he knew and some of the things hes done then he told me how to avoid doing things i didn't want. but just be there for her and be casual about it.and whatever you do don't judge her.

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    try getting her some books. That make it easy to understand how it goes and the responsibility. I suggest. "It's perfectly nomal" Your sister should already know cuz she probably learned it in school. If not try to get her friends to help

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    I would have your best female friend and confidant(hopefully there is a woman in the picture somewheres) talk with her to possibly avoid the weird factor.

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