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Who do you think would win this 15 man tournament?

Hypothetically speaking, if this tournament could happen with all these guys in their prime, who would win?

Eddie Guerrero vs Undertaker

Steve Austin vs Chris Benoit

Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan

Randy Savage vs Rock

Ric Flair vs John Cena

Brock Lesner - Bye

Bret Hart vs Triple H

Big Show vs Kurt Angle

Specifying how aids in the 10pt prize.

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    1.) Undertaker forces Eddie to tap out to his Triangle Choke Hold.

    2.) Before the bell, Benoit requests that this match be a submission match. Austin obliges; during the match, Austin hits the Stunner on Benoit but due to the prematch stipulation, the referee doesn't make the count. The match continues with Austin surrendering to the Crippler Crossface.

    3.) Hogan turns "Hollywood" and throws a fireball in Warrior's face to capture the win.

    4.) The Rock pins Randy Savage with a Rock Bottom in an awesome match. After the match, both men embrace and shake hands.

    5.) Randy Orton interferes when the referee goes down. After Cena hits the F-U on Flair, Orton delivers the RKO, resting the Nature Boy onto a fallen Cena to pick up the win.

    6.) Brock Lesner gets his hand raised. But argues the point and challenges a mystery opponent. Edge answers the challange and nearly beats Lesner, but is eventually pinned when Lesner hits the Shooting Star Press.

    7.) As Triple H sets Harts up for the Pedigree, Bret frees his arms and trips up Helmsley, locking in the Sharpshooter. Shawn Michaels interferes and hits the Super Kick on Bret, causing the disqualification.

    8.) While the referee is down, Angle sustains a Choke Slam. Shawn Michaels and Triple H run down, attacking Big Show with a baseball bat and Sledge Hammer. They rest Angle on top, giving him the win.

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    Royal Rumble Match

    Well First They All Jump At Each Other Smashing Each Other Then Triple H Goes For The Pedigree On Eddie Guerrero But The Rock Kicks Triple H In The Head Then Hulk Hogan Attacks The Rock And They Both Roll Over And Start Hitting Each Other And They Roll Out Of The Ring While Every One Is Distracted John Cena Goes For The FU But Gets Kicked In The Back Of The Head By Big Show Then Every Body Left Apart From Cena Who Is Almost Unconsious Try And Pick Up Big Show And Flip Him Over The Top But He Falls Back On Them And Kurt Angle Bret Hart Ric Flair And Eddie Guerrero Fall Out Of The Ring So Brock Lesner And Ultimate Warrior Start Punching At each Other And Triple H Clothes Lines Ultimate Warrior And Brock Lesner Out Of The Ring Then Randy Savage Chris Benoit And Stone Cold Have A Brawl And Steve Austin Knocks Chris Benoit And Randy Savage Out Then The Undertaker Knocks Steve Austin Out Then Triple H Tries To Tackle Undertaker But Misses And Flies Out Of The Ring Then Undertaker Notices The Big Show And Uses His Submission Hold On The Big Show Until He Can't Move And He Pushes The Big Show Out!!!


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    Eddie Guerrero - A distraction to the undertaker, eddie takes advangtage, does a dirty move and pins undertaker for the win.

    Steve Austin - Chris Benoit goes in for the submission in an amazing fight back steve austin pulls off an amazing shock and escapes it, rises up and delivers the stunner

    Hulk Hogan - In a matc dominated by the ultimate warrior, Hulk knocks him on the middle of the ring drop the atomic leg drop, Hulk just about picks up the win in a great match.

    Rock - Randy Savage rises delivers his finisher, a distraction causes him to not be able to pin, Rock gets him on the floor delivers the peoples elbow and takes the victory

    Ric Flair - John Cena ready to do the five knuckle shuffle, just as he's saying you cant see me ric gives him the 'dirty punch, wraps in the figure 4 leg lock and picks up the win.

    Brock lesnar - bye ?

    Bret Hart - Triple H does the spine buster goes for pedigree, Bret Reverses he's got him in the submission position we all know whats coming its locked in will triple H tap out, he's holding on there it is after a hard fight from triple H he finally tapped out and Bret has won the match

    Kurt Angle - After a match dominated Big Show, Kurt angle finally knocks him to the floor, a few blows to the face of big show, Kurt grabs his angle, can he get him in the submission hold, he's going, can he do it big shos resiting BUT HES DONE ITthe Ankle lock is locked and big show has no choice but to tap out and Kurt angle pulls off the shock of the evening and defeats the big show.

  • Undertaker would beat Eddie

    Stone Cold would beat Beniot

    Hoga beats Ultimate Warrior

    Rock beats Savage

    Ric Flair would beat Cena

    I would want Bret Hart to win, but I think HHH would win this one

    Big Show beats Kurt Angle

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    Hulk Hogan 89s would win because Vince would want such to happen.

    In a real fight, I would think Kurt Angle would win.

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    Hulk Hogan would beat the hack out of 'em

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    John Cena.

    Cause WWE seems to fancy the untalented wrestlers and leave their good ones putting over the crap guys!

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    Brock Lesner would smash all of them.

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    Steve Austin. Why? Bigger draw, and lots of money to be made:)

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    Hulk Hogan 80's would kill them all.

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