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Will GM extend its employee pricing into October?

We all know they're hurting. I'm in the process of selling my used car, and would consider buying a GM vehicle if the incentives continue (or get better). There are still 2008s on the lots that need to get moved - what are GM's plans for those vehicles?

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    Nobody but the people in the corporate offices know what will happen on oct 1. GMAC doesn't give the slightest hint as to what their next plan will be. Not even the dealers know.

    If there's still too large an inventory nationally, they could extend it. Or maybe extend it only on the models they have the most of. We have to wait until Wednesday afternoon to find out.

    Source(s): Me. new car sales manager for over 30 years.
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    Some dealers sell for much less than the Employee Price. But those discounted vehicles are the worst sellers. If you want a popular model, you pay more. The Employee price is still at GM for September 30 deadline..

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    Most of the 2008s that are left over go for cheap anyway. Wait awhile then head to a GM dealer and ask. I doubt they'll extend it much longer.

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    my husband works at a chevy dealership and he says that GM done just what they wanted to do and that was to lower the inventory on the lots so that dealerships would start ordering 09 he does not think that GM will extend the employee prices on there cars and trucks

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