swollen throat again? -.- how annoying?

Latly my throat's been geting swollen and hard to breath thru i take my allergy pills *zirtec how ever u spell it* and it just wont stop swelling ): i drink hot tea it goes away and hour later its back to annoy me * ya i have been fighting a cold is this the cause of it how do i make it go away? what are some remidies i can use?


); it wont let me go to sleep)=

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    Have you mentioned this to your doctor? A zyrtec sure as heck isn't going to help when your throat swells- that can be very dangerous, as you may die of asphyxiation!! You need to see the doc ASAP, and tell him/her about these recent events. In all likelihood, he/she'll prescribe an Epi Pen to give yourself a boost of epinephrine, which makes breathing easier & allows you to get to the E.R.

    Source(s): I have chronic cold urticaria, delayed pressure urticaria, as well as angioedema. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronic_cold_urticari... http:chronichives.com
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    Try taking TheraFlu but make sure you read the ingredient so they wont interact with your allergy medicine. When you have take make an appointment to you doctor and check yourself for strep throat. Maybe it's not your throat that's having issues, there could be tonsils or your thyroid glands. Or maybe your allergy medicine isn't helping. For cold you can try helping your immune system a little bit by taking "Zinc" it's a natural way to boost up you immune system. You can find Zinc in form of candy at any grocery store near cold medicine like "Halls" it is in a black box named "Cold Ease". Also take vitamin C it's helps your immune system too and if you take it regularly it prevents you from getting sick as much. As far as now wrap a warm scarf around your neck to keep your esophagus "tube that goes from your throat into your stomach and lungs which is in your neck" warm. Do not drink too hot of a tea it can actually worsen the symptoms and you might loose your voice for a little while. Also try honey with you tea, make sure not to drink honey and lemon together because they cancel each other out.

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