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May I know what is Kodra ?

May I know what is Kodra ? And what is the different of Kodra with Tarpaulin /

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Cordura is an "air treated" Nylon fabric originally designed by Dupont, and later Kolon Intl of Korea introduced its own similar product, Kodra. A characteristic of the Cordura and Kodra material is the rough fuzzy texture. These materials are some of the most sort after and popular fabrics in use today for high quality backpacks. The main advantages of Cordura or Kodra fabric are its abrasion resistance and the fact it is relatively lightweight when compared to canvas materials. Cordura or Kodra is not as puncture resistant as Oxford Weave Nylon and does not waterproof as well as Nylon, but both Polyurethane coated Kodra and Cordura are considered waterproof.

    The difference between Kodra and tarpaulin? Not much, Kodra appears to be not as heavy as tarpaulin but you decide.

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  • 4 years ago

    Kodra Nylon

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