Are their really dirty COPS?

Are their really any dirty cops out their? Im going into law enforcement for a very positive reason. But , then the thought of sum of them acually selling drugs and framing people, dicourages me. Are u a bad cop, or know any? Why would they even sell, their-selfs out like that.

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    Like any other profession, there are good and bad.

    However, I do believe law enforcement has one of the smallest percentages of bad people of any profession.

    The problem with this profession is an officer doing a good deed is hardly newsworthy, but an officer doing something questionable makes national headlines, and is shown repeatedly. This gives the public an unfair representation of how many bad cops there really are.

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    Dirty Cops

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    All the above answers are good, I have been a cop for a long time, and I have worked with hundreds of officers. I have seen very few screw up bad enough to go to jail. By far the majority of the cops I have known are here with honorable intentions. Until we replace human officers with robots we are going to have officers commit human mistakes. Don't be discouraged though as we police ourselves and are harder on fellow officers for anything more serious than a traffic violation.

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    The fact of life is that no matter what occupation you pursue with all good intentions you will come up against people who are not always honorable. That goes from the White-house down to the ordinary Joe in the street. Don't be put off your chosen career by the thought that there might be some bad people working in the Police force. I would think though that the number of good officers far outweigh those who are corrupt. Perhaps you could be one of those police officers who fight against the corrupt ones and expose them. Good luck

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    Law enforcement officers make more life challenging decisions in a week than most of of will make in a year. Their job is tough enough.

    We should be giving them a hand instead of trying to bring them down !!!

    GREAT work guys & gals !!!!

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    There are always bad ones mixed in with the good guys, but there is more good than bad.

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