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why is that when I play a cd on my computer using cd-r/dvd rom, that the audio is broken up. ?

I have used a cd lense cleaner in the rom, but the sound is broken up. I am able to play a dvd, but the sound is still broken up. The device indicates that it is working fine. Done a hardware diagnostics, every thing passed. Tried different media, same problem continues. The sound card itself is good. I can play music using external audio device going to audio in on sound card. OK. any help will be great.

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    Sounds like your rom drive is the problem, if it's in a desk top pc a replacement is around £20 and 15 Min's to fit, and a Laptop £30 and 45 Min's to fit.

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    as long as your gadget meets the minimum standards for the sport attempt to be outstanding. curiously you haven't any longer reviewed this checklist because of the fact it could choose to have needless to say reported that a DVD ROM replace into required. greater helpful effective be certain your gadget out against the min standards b4 you open the packaging and cant bypass returned it for money returned. in case you meet all different standards then the outdoors DVD ROM could choose to therapy each component. Why now no longer get an inner? they're greater decrease priced.

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