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Would Microsoft SP3 ruin my computer?

I have a Pentium 4 processor with CPU 2.00GHz 1.20GHz and 512 MB of RAM, and what would be the benefits of installing SP3?

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    No benefits at all. You can install it or not. Does not make any difference.

    SP3 is not needed, .like SP2 was. Microsoft stopped supporting SP1 and therefore we had to install SP2 to get the necessary un dates. This is not the case with SP3. When you have sp2 installed leave sp3.

    When you do a complete fresh install of windows, you could install sp3. Instead of more than 100 updates you normally get, you only do get a few. They are all in SP3.

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    SP3 has more to do with your drivers installed to run WINDOWS than the power chip and RAM of your computer. Your XP will greatly improve in capacity and speed of handling active X, microsoft net framework and java devices. SO NO. It won't break your computer.

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    SP3 is nice to have....i have a 2002 XP PRO

    and when i reinstall ...its a older version so it wants to update like 100+ things

    s o yeah SP3 cuts that down tremendously for me :)

    but either way ur good...

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    If you use this computer a lot and you have no problems, then you'll be fine without SP3. If not, SP3 does correct a lot of issues. Check microsoft.com to see all of its advantages since there are thousands of items. It will not hinder your computer's performance, but it does take up quite a bit of space if you're low on memory.

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