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What is the punishment for having a fake I.D in Canada?

Would they just confiscate it, or would you be arrested?

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    This depends on what province you live in and what situation and what place you are at.

    If you are in Ontario, it varies from different places and basically what has happened to myself and my friends before is that the bouncer would be convinced that the ID is not you, they ask to see if you have another piece of id with your photo on it,and if they are still not convinced, they will give you the ID back.

    they can also take the id away and just keep them. one of my friends dad owns a bar and they have this like whole stack of fake IDs and my friend would occasionally take some of them secretly to use haha

    another story unfortunately happened to my friend where they took the club actually took the ID away and contacted the police , (basically how this worked is that this girl who has her G2 drivers license, no longer needs her G1 license, but its still valid so she gave it to her friend to use) and basically they had both the person in the ID called to court AND the person who was using the fake.

    Source(s): Personal experience from using a fake ID
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    I lived in northern Canada for the better part of 20 years, but I really don't know this.

    I would say it would be very close the same as it is here..

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