Confused post-break up situation, help please?

A little over a week ago, my g/f broke up with my because she felt that we didn't have enough time to spend together due to our tough science majors, that she felt it wouldn't be fair to either of us and that we're both busy with research, hw, and clubs/sports. She felt that "for now we're better off being friends" so I wasn't sure if she literally meant "for now" or what not...but she said she still wants to hang out and go to a semi at my school...but i was upset at the moment so i said "no it's fine..." then a couple days later i bumped into her and talked to her to assure her that I wasn't mad at her anymore and told her I thought about what she said and felt that she was right...and that i just needed some time to heal and what not. After she goes "aw okay" and gave me a hug, then said "i'll talk to you later" very quietly. she hasn't made any real effort to text, im or call or anything...but i did im once to see how she's doing and show that i don't hate her or anything...but at the same time i still like her and would like to go to the semi. What should i do? Advice, comments, insights are welcomed...Thanks in advance!

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    when is your semi? give it some time, she might be really stressed out and just need a break. it happens. if you get a chance ask her later about the semi, suggest going as friends? if you don't feel you can do that then find someone else to take and enjoy yourself. it doesn't sound like she's out to hurt you. i'd just see how things pan out. goodluck

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    To me, it sounds such as you would use a buddy to vent to rather than Yahoo Answers. All we will do is reply to what you mentioned, however I'm certain there may be a lot more you would get out of a well buddy and even loved ones member that you're near with and/or believe. I feel my recommendation to you is to acquire your self. Start concentrating on "you" rather of someone else and get your lifestyles placed in combination. If it used to be intended to be for you and him, it's going to occur later. Do your nice to stick influenced and curious about what you must do now that you're performed or practically performed with tuition. Find a task, meet new folks and begin your lifestyles. Doesn't imply you have got to thoroughly develop up, there'll regularly be that aspect of you that desires to be a "child". Good success!

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    lots of girls use the "better off as being friends" comment to make the breakup seem better. if she hasn't been making an effort to text or call you then i don't really see that as friendship, because you would usually hang out with your friends. for now i wouldn't get your hopes up, im really sorry but thats just how it looks to me. maybe eventually she will change her mind but for now i would just work on school and try to focus on other things

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    i think,its better for you to preserve your friendship

    and just keep her in your heart..

    "girlfriends or boyfriends dont last,but bestfriends lasts.."

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't know..sounds like she's not that interested. Sorry...

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