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I went to my gynecologist and after something was brought to my attention, I was to shy to ask a question?

Im 20 and have only had sex with one guy, the current guy that Ive been dating for almost the past year now. When I was at my gynecologist she said that I wasnt really all that stretched out for someone who has had sex more words then less lol. I always thought my boyfriend had an average size penis, but does that mean that hes probably small? The reason I ask is not so much out of concern of size, its just that Ive never orgasmed but maybe once or twice before and was wondering if this maybe had something to do with his size? Weve had sex probably 50 or so times, so its not like I just lost my virginity recently either. Any thoughts?

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    Everybody's body is different and if you like having sex with your boyfriend then that really is all that matters. As far as orgasms go you just need to figure out what turns you on and then keep on doing it (having a boyfriend with a big penis or a small penis is really only one factor in an orgasm.) It takes a while to get used to yourself and it can even take longer for a man to get used to you. That's why communication is so important!

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    I don't think the size is a problem. Are you athletic? maybe you may have an easier time having an orgasm through external stimulation compared to the other way. There are some many parts that are left out to give you good advice with this situation...just enjoy it, it's good that you guys are active...there are some people out there who "gets none"...

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    Many men dont have a clue what it takes to make a woman orgasm. You need to be specific and tell him what to do and then of course be relaxed enough to let him do it to you. Don't worry about what the doctor said, I can't even imagine a reason for him to bring that up. It doesn't matter what size penis he has. You just need to let him know what you need.

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    Hmm When i had sex with my girlfriend her vagin stretched quite considerably, infact she ended up getting checked out because of it and my penis is a little less than adverage for men my age. I think that your boyfriend may have a small penis compared to other men of the same physique.

    I hope that helps, hope it works out for you

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    No, nothing to do with size, in fact about 70% of women do not orgasm during actual sex. I'm in the same position as you, except I'm 19.

    Here's a link if you want to look more into it.

    I found both of these helpful.

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    Women who don't have orgasms is more normal than most people realize. But you need to tell you OBGYN about that. It's a little odd that she says you aren't as "stretched out" as you should be....I've never heard a doctor say that..ever. It's a pretty ridiculous statement. Rather absurd. Find another OBGYN, get your exams and talk to them about your lack of orgasms. They can advise you alot better than us.

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    It means that he isn't big enough to "pop your cherry" You are still considered a virgin, in most cases, if your hymen is still intact. Your gyno still sees it. Orgasms are due to the technique not the size even though size can sometimes help it along :-). I know, I'll probably get quite a few thumbs-down on this one.

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    okay, so I guess you could measure it. Average is six in. the circumference can be different for different guys. I think average for most guys is about three in.

    By the way everything is proportional. little guy little package huge guy etc.

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    My guess would be that you are "warmed up", when you have sex. You probably was lubed up and that's why you haven't stretched out that much. Maybe it isn't you bf fault and it isn't yours.

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    i find it very horrific that your gyno would say such a thing. report that immediately!!!! change doctors. they dont say stuff like that.

    your doctor regardless if it's a female doesnt say anything like that!

    im sure youre perfectly normal. perv idiot doctor

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