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I Love Money??? Who's going to Win?

and why??


dmnshnlz...what you are saying is true, but why are you telling me this....i didnt ask a baseball question it for the baseball section

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    Hoopz because Megan will lose. Real won't because he is in love with Hoopz. Whiteboy won't because he seems like he is stressed out. Hoopz will win.

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    I have heard that Hoopz wins from people who claim to have seen spoilers. I think it will be her or Whiteboy. Real screwed up when he proposed & I think Megan is a blithering idiot so I can't stand to think she'd win. Hoopz is a tough girl & has played the game smart while Megan is about the worst example of a woman you will ever see - she may be a good manipulator, but it doesn't seem as if these "contestants" are all that smart to begin with. I kind of hope it's Hoopz, just because I find Whiteboy kind of annoying ...

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    Partner!!! I hate to tell you this, but this team wont go anywhere with out a Bullpen, that had to be addressed for the last 3 years.... It begins with Omar Minaya! The Mets need to fire this guy! Willie is Willie... Why didnt he fire him during the off season? No, he waited until 3 in the morning, and thats what the Mets should do to him, over at his house! That Bullpen is the worst in the Majors this year! Still the same bullpen with the exception of 2 from when Willie had the team! They were in first place by 3.5 games 2 weeks ago..... I dont want to hear BS excuses! Ayala wasnt an answer, and Figueroa at best is AA ball. Castillo needs to get the boot too!!!! As well as that Holocaust of a Bullpen! They are the worst bullpen ever in Mets history!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): oops! sure sounded like that!!! sry!
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    White Boy - i just kno

    Not Real because he is in love and he will end up leaving

    Not hoops because she will be in bottom 2

    and she is a lez slut

    Not megan cuz she will be on charm school2

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  • 1 decade ago

    TEAM WHITE BOY cause he been real and true this hole game not played dirty at all so he so deserve the money and to hook up with meagan lol so yeah go white boy

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    I think Hoopz. Just because she seems to make her way around everyone and make her point across. Very strong competator.

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    TEAM MEGAN....she's the best that did it hands down...if not her hoopz i cant stand both Real & whiteboy

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    I think Whiteboy wins...

    I mean it is not normal for a guy who works in his fathers pawn shop to go out and buy a $100,000 car !

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    Whiteboy or hoops. Probably whiteboy.

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