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What haircut and color would you suggest for my face shape? (picture)?

hello.. im bored with my current style and color and wanted some suggestions for hair color and cut based on my complexion and face shape (btw what shape do u think i have?). My hair is thick and straight and about 6 inches past my shoulders. Thanks!


how about dark chestnut brown?

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    If you'd like to go for a slightly edgier look, I think a dark red colour would suit you, with a side bang and some shorter layers.

    And straightened too.

    If not,

    I'd probably straighten it and get some blonde foils, but keep the brown in the hair so the warmth is kept in your face, with long layers.

    You're gorgeous by the way.

    Good Luck.

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    cut the bangs to under your eyebrows but more straight. Get a layerd cut a razor cut on the sides and back. Maybe going close near the scalp? Just an idea.

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    1 decade ago

    How about this one?

    Not the color just the cut, I think your hair would look good if it had some choppy layers, and maybe a reddish brown for the color.

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    a short bob with a layered effect. to give you volume aroudn your head. you have a real oval face. so i would get something that gives flare around ya head. maybe even goin really short like i did sort of like

    p!nks. i suggest a dark blonde or really light brown

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    Grow your hair longer, maybe a hair extensions.

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    i like your color, but i would get a short layered cut up tp your ears.

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