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A Question For The Men Out There..About Cheating?

what qualities do you look for in the other woman??

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    if all men are like me and i assume they are, a cheating guy is looking for someone that may do things that there spouse or girlfriend wouldnt. or maybe someone they find more attractive, thinner, funner and so on, possibly they are just very sexual and any willing participant is good enough. hope this helps, but probally will hurt more than help. in a guys eyes just remember sex and love can have absolutely no connection, sex is just sex to a man

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    It depends on why I would want to cheat.

    If it's just because I feel the need to get extra *** on the side or because I'm not being satisfied, then I'll look for any piece of *** to try out, and I'll stick with the one(s) that satisfy me.

    If I want to cheat because I'm not happy, then I'll look for somebody that makes me happy.

    Whatever the case, if somebody cheats, they definitely don't want you to rat them out or cause problems.

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    don't nag and complain all day. got to have a banging body and just accept me for who i am

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    she has to have all the things my wife dont like nagging

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