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Top Travel Spots in Thailand?

i'm heading to thailand over christmas and would just like to know some of your fave spots to go, is there anywhere that i shouldnt go. also how is thailand at that time of year?

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    My favourite part is Chiang Mai, which has a pleasant climate and is a lovely old city. There is plenty to do and see there.The Elephant Sanctuary is great, and visiting the Wat Phra That Doi Suthrep which is a beautiful temple up in the hills.Local Crafts , temples, Thai cooking classes are all here. Around Kanachaburi (River Kwai)there are some interesting activities especially the Tiger Temple and the Burma Railway.Phuket was nice but I am unsure what it is like since the tsunami.Bangkok.Well it depends on if you like big cities.

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    Thailand is the prior holiday region of Europeans, especially during Christmas and New Year (the people flee from the winter time). Most well-known targets are sold out during that time. If you don't like these places Thailand is a great destination. Go to the North and East, beautiful landscape with National Parks (huge water falls, jungle and low-cost but good) lodging.

    If you like beach go to small islands, they have a lot for backpackers.

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    Thailand is wonderful and there is so much to see and do. I have been all over the country and, to me, the best all round destination is Pattaya. Great for Families, Kids as well as single travellers of either sex.


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    lots of lovely places to see

    beaches are great

    but the true thailand is in the north in Isaan

    have a great time

    best place i found

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    ChaingMai,ChaingRai,Phuket,Koh Samui,Bangkok,Pattaya,Karabi,HuaHin

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    see 1,000's of current Thailand photos at of many of the places the other posters are recommending.

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    its a beautiful country. many travel spots but my favorite is beach road in pattaya, kohlen island, aquarium at rayong. we stayed at hinsui namsai resort in rayong. it was such a beautiful location and a very comfortable resort if you like peace and quiet. pattaya is a party place.

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