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My girlfriend loves eating sashimi (raw fish). I decided to surprise her with some. But will it spoil?

I bought her some sashimi at the Sushi House earlier today. But tomorrow, I will have to take it out of the fridge and drive across town to bring it to her. Will it spoil? I'm scared, I don't want to bring her spoiled food.

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    When are you leaving your house? Because you could buy it on the morning you're leaving. Sashimi lasts about one day, so a night in the fridge would probably be okay.

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    You know what would be even neater of an idea? If you got a sashima basics book and skimmed over it and made it for her one night.

    If you got all prepared on the counter and gave her a little show of your sashima skills. Of course, you would suck at it but that's not what really matters. I am sure she would think it was cute and really appreciate the thought!

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    Depends on how far away town is?

    How hot is the weather?

    If I were you, i would grab some ice and put in in a bag, and seal it up. Then place the fish on top of the bag and put it in a cooler bag

    better to be safe then sorry!!

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    yes,it will..sashimi is best eaten 2 hrs after they were made.

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    Wrong section.

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