Please Help. HOW do i get rid of a bad infection bump from nose pierce?


I have a big bump caused from an infection next to my nose stud. How do i get rid of the infection? I've had it for 3 weeks already and it's not going away. I went to speak to my piercer and the person told me to soak it in sea salt twice a day and i've been doing that but the bump hasn't gone away or gotten smaller. I'm getting really scared. Will the bump will be there permanently? Can I get rid of the bump and still keep my nose stud? I heard that if i put heat on the bump, that'll help, is that true?I really need help. Thank You so much!


but the stud wasn't the cheap kind bought at any store. it was from the piercing place.

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    Don't use peroxide, it kills skin cells and dries up skin. When cleaning use rubbing alcohol or special piercing care solution. Nose piercings take a long time to heal, the infection will go away in time, just keep in very clean. The bump may be caused by scar tissue, if so when the infection clears it may reduce in size but not fully dissipate. If the infection is caused by a hole from inside your hole put Neosporen or something similar to clear up the infection faster. I hope this clears up without scarring and if you take care of it you should be able to keep the piercings. Also even if there is scar tissue already formed if you take out the piercing it wont make the scar tissue go away.

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    I've seen permanent bumps on ears because of infections in the ears but I don't know if this is the same case with noses. At this point I would advice you to remove the stud so the infection can go might be that your using cheap studs? That can irritate the skin and cause the infection. I wouldn't recommend putting heat on the bump, it's an infection not a pimple.

    Apply a bit of rubbing alcohol and moisturize the area so you don't dry it out. It should go down, but it might take awhile.

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    Hydrogen Peroxide, to clean out the infection. You may have to squeeze or open the bump to release some of the infection and then clean it. I know it sounds painful, but, if you put a little rubbing alcohol after cleaning it out it will dry it faster than sea salt.

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    You have tried salt water soaks already, that's good, but you really need to check it out with a doc. You might need a stronger antibiotic cream and/or an oral antibiotic. See a doctor and follow recommendations.

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    depending on how deep the infection is, you may need an oral antibiotic. But otherwise try an antibacterial ointment.

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    Also try neosporin it works on alot of stuff and will help get rid of any scars.

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    hydrogen peroxide, will work

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