Alcoholic drink with cookies and ice cream in it?

I recently tried some rhaspberry alcoholic drink that was blended with chocolate chip cookies and ice cream. Anyone ever heard of alcohol drinks with cookies and ice cream blended in like smothies? Got any recipes, or sites with recipes?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    We call it a Georgia Mud Slide.

    For 3-4 people:

    3 oz. Chambord(raspberry liqueur)

    4 oz. Kahlua

    3 oreo cookies

    8 scoops vanilla ice cream or 4-5 cups)

    1/2 c milk

    Blend until smooth.

    Drizzle chocolate syrup into glass and fill. Top with whip cream. If you choose to omit chambord, just add 2 more ounces of Kahlua.


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    5 years ago

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    i can give u three concoction. u dun have to add ice cream to it. it taste like one itself.

    1st receipe

    15ml baileys

    15ml butterscotch

    30ml milk

    30ml coconut syrup

    blend the above

    then add 30ml strawberry puree

    2nd receipe

    30ml rum

    15ml coconut syrup

    15ml sugar syrup

    45ml milk

    blend the above

    then add 30ml chocolate syrup

    3rd receipe

    15ml butterscotch syrup

    30ml milk

    15ml sugar syrup

    blend the above

    then add 30ml strawberry puree and 15ml chocolate syrup

    if you like ice cream then you can replace the milk with ice cream

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    1 decade ago

    chocolate with rum? lol

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