Incomprehensible Feelings!!!?

I fell in love earlier in the year. and the guy i fell in love with, is my ex-boyfriend. We have been on and off all summer and this school year. I told him my true feelings for him, and he understood. Some days he will be completely into me and act as if we were together again by holding my hand, or putting his arm around me or kissing me. Then the next day, he wouldn't talk to me and hasn't talked to me in a week. Or he will go be with another girl and get mad if i'm with another guy.

Well this other guy who is really into me i have had a crush on for a while and he likes me...a lot. They both care about me and i have been through way more with my ex, then with the new guy. The new guy and i have been together for about a week now but i can't fully comitt to him because i have much stronger feelings for my ex. I am having a talk with my ex tomorrow and i don't know what to do...HELP!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Girl you are not his toy don't let him play with you like that.

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