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i need help with this math word problem?please?

in a recent year, companies spent a total of $87.5 billion on newspaper, television, and radio ads. the total amount spent on television and radio ads was only $2.9 billion more than the amount spent on newspaper ads alone. the amount spent on news paper ads was $5.4 billion more than what was spent on television ads. how much was spent on each form of advertising? hint let the variable represent numbers of billion of dollars?

news papers ads? ___ billion

television ads?____ billion

radio ads? ___ billion

can u please show me how you got the answer thanks

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    newspaper ads= 42.3 billion

    radio ads= 8.3 billion

    television ads= 36.9 billion

    have a variable represent each ad. i used T, R, and N. Then use the information to solve.

    N= T+5.4












    Hope I helped. =]

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    Let t,r,n be the amounts spent on television, radio and newspaper ads. Here's what we know (all amounts in billions)

    t+r+n = 87.5

    t+r = n+2.9

    n = t+5.4

    Now, plug eqn(2) into eqn(1) and you will get a value for n. Plug that into eqn(3) and you will get a value for t. Then, plug those into eqn(1) and you will get a value for r.

    About Dr. Fohs's answer: I don't why he/she is suggesting to set x as 1 billion. Variables are supposed to represent UNKNOWN quantities. What is the pointing of throwing in an x just to represent 1 billion?

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    N = Newpaper T = Television R = Radio

    N + T + R = 87.5

    T + R = N + 29

    T = N + 5.4

    Substituting the 3rd equation in the 2nd

    (N + 5.4) + R = N + 29

    R = 23.6

    knowing R is 23.6 it tells us that T + N = 63.9

    and putting the 3rd equation into this one we get

    (N + 5.4) + N = 63.9

    2N = 58.5

    N = 29.25

    knowing R = 23.6 and N = 29.25

    we can solve for T in the first equation

    29.25 + T + 23.6 = 87.5

    T = 34.65

    ans T = 34.65 R = 23.6 and N = 29.25

    puttting these values into the original equations proves the results.

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    r= radio, t=tv, n=newspaper

    the 3 eqs r




    then substitute for n in equation number 1 and 2

    for eq 1



    for eq 2



    so we now knw for radio expenditure

    substitute in other eqs to find others




    now for n




    news papers ads? $42.3billion

    television ads?$36.9billion

    radio ads? $8.3 billion

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    its pretty simple. rather than trying to calculate 2,900,000,000 and 5,400,000,000.

    You instead calculate 2.9x and 5.4x where x = 1,000,000,000

    so 2.9x + 5.4x = 8.3x

    87.5 / 8.3x = 10.542x

    Therefore the answer is:

    New papers: 10.542x * 3

    TV ads: 10.542x * 2

    Radio ads: 10.542x * 2.5

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