How can i ask those store owners?

I would like to know how can i go upto the manager/owner of some of those gift shops in times square and show them the ladies watches that i carry on my website that are hot selling watches.These are very unique fashion/matching/fancy watches they are cheap but good quality and are HOT FAST selling both on ebay and my website so how can i go up to them and show them to make them my wholesellers since the whole world shops in times square as in people from all over the world come there?Thanks

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  • J. P.
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    1 decade ago
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    They may not want to be your wholesaler, but all you have to do is just go to those gift shops and show the owner/manager what you have, proof of sales history, profit potential etc, and explain what's in it for them. Be careful though, they may start buying the same product on their own and by-pass you.

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