When it comes to evolution, why is the U.S. one of the least accepting countries second only to Turkey?

I would just like to get some different views on this.



That was a while back, but hey, what are you gonna do?

Update 2:

Kev- ....When did I say anything about the Big bang?

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    Consider this

    Mysteries In Science


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    The Young Age of the Earth


    The Origin of Man by Dr. Duane Gish


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    One thing: EDUCATION.

    The educational system in the USA is pathetic. American students rank very low in math and science when compared to the rest of the industrialized world. Without a sufficient understanding in math and science, people can't understand things like evolution. Therefore they turn what the more simpler explanation that has been told to them by the religious establishment: creationism.

    The more educated a population is, the less belief their is in a personal god and religious dogma. The rest of the first world is not as religious because they were educated quite well. The Japanese are some of the smartest people in the world, which explains why they don't believe in religion as much as Americans do. It's kind of sad considering America is a superpower and if we don't have a good educational system, this country will decline.

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    We have a very large religious population and the funding of science within the US, as well as teaching non-theistic biology, has been severely cut-back.

    @ Kev: Do you understand the Big Bang theory?

    @ anglyn1970: Why do you oppose evolution?

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    Evolution is Great BUT! Humans need God! and i will explain why!

    In My Theory, Humans need a So call "God" savior for Not only world panic but chaos too!

    Water in a Glass!

    Lets say If a glass was the "Church" and the followers "People" was the water inside the Glass, that is what i call Control & Order!

    If the Glass were to break "Church", the water "people" will splatter all over, thus Chaos will occur, crime will go up, and even confusion!

    It takes time for Humans to come up with something more than just EVOLUTION! We need a bigger example!!

    P.S this is just my Theory. of what might happen! thanks.

    Source(s): SCIENCE
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    Its the way the questions are asked on the polls.

    If you ask the question asking if you accept genetic mutation or adaptation within species 99 percent will say yes.

    If you ask a general question regarding evolution then many will say no. People play semantics with the evolution argument within the US.

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    I believe overall population of the US is unaccepting of evolution, but I must challenge your statement that Turkey is the only one that is least accepting of it. Got a source?

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    Regarding the big bang, I never saw an explosion that left anything behind other than chaos. On the other hand, from the inner workings of the atom to the outer workings of the universe there is such perfect organization and harmony that even the most intellect are baffled.

    If you came across a house in the middle of the desert, would you think there was an explosion and somehow the explosion made the house? I wonder how many explosions it would take to get the right explosion to make that house. Yet the complexities of all creation are so much more than a simple house.

    It is way too hard for me to think that we got here from an explosion. There can be only one answer as to how we got here. We were created by a very loving, smart and powerful Being.

    Read the Bible daily. Be careful of false religion, it's everywhere. There is only one true God, there is only one true religion.

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    55% of americans believe in creationism, 50% of which are christians. That's about 130 million people.

    Come to Australia, we have the same problem, but our country isn't ran on and based on religion which kind of got America into a lot of trouble. Yeah, sure, a lot of us believe in God, but we're nowhere near as rowdy and insane about it as Americans are.

    I mean we don't get Virginia Tech massacre dudes rampantly killing people and releasing videos talking about how Jesus led him to do it.

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    1 decade ago

    The percentage of Christians which oppose it for some reason is the answer.

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    I object to this section from your link:


    Miller also blames the Republican Party for waning belief in evolution.

    The Republican Party uses a candidate's belief as a litmus test for his candidacy, according to Miller.

    "There is no major political party in Europe that uses opposition to evolution as a part of its political platform,'' Miller said. "In the United States there are people who think it is a political advantage to discount evolution.''


    Here is the Republican platform for 2008. There is nothing about evolution in there:


    Nothing in the 2004 platform, either:


    Or the 2000 platform:


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