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How to get over someone you still see all the time?

Ok, so there is this guy that I work with at our part time job, and I've basically been in love with him for the past two years. I had always planned on telling him, until recently. One of the other girls there that started a while ago recently told a couple of us that she likes him, and from the way he acts around her, I'm pretty sure he likes her too. (It really shouldn't surprise me that he does, the girl looks like a model, and is basically perfect in every way imaginable.)

Considering that I see her as a friend, telling him that I like him now, would make me the biggest jerk ever, so I can't. So I need to find a way to get over him, fast.

I know quiting would probably seem like the best option, but I like my job and I don't want to leave. Also, we're friends, and I don't really want to just cut him out of my life. Since graduating from high school we don't really see each other as much, but there is still at least one shift a week where we work together, and 15 minutes to half an hour of that is spent with the two of us in a tiny little room cashing out.

What is the best way to get over him, fast, so that I can still be friends with him, and be happy for the two of them if/when they start dating?

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    people really dont get over their ex all the so there is really no way to get over him over. just remember there are alot of aother people in the world and if you really have strong feelings for this dude you should ley him be happy if him and that girl start dating and go find you another lover too what ever you do stay happy

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    This is one of the hardest situations. been there done that and it's horrible. It takes time for sure. I used to work with a girl that I eventually asked out. Then the next season we were still friends and she would flirt with me sometimes but not really and then a co-worker of mine found out about us and he totally started hitting on her jsut to piss me off.

    Then I got a new job and worked with other people for the rest of the season. Then this season she got a job at where I worked! And she had a bf from college now, and it was a little hard to swallow at first. But eventually I just trained my mind not to go there. Now I'm totally okay with it and she is my friend.

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    Hm, well this may sound immature but I start to nitpick. I dissect everything about the person til I find something that drives me absolutely crazy.

    Or, you could just cut him off slowly. Unless you do, I think your feelings are going to remain constant.

    Other than that I would say quit but, that's too dramatic plus you like your job.

    I'm sorry I can't be of much help, but chin up.

    Good Luck!

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    just focus on your work do what you need to do at work and get friendly around them...don't act hostile at all. If you can quit and find another job...that's alternative but it shouldn't have to be that way because you shouldn't have to go through all that trouble

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    It'll be difficult cos you're in love with him for long time..To avoid being heartbroken..the best way is to leave or get over it and times will ease your broken heart..

    be brave,honey!

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    you need to be nice with him, accept the reality... you still get involved with them and be their friends. after all... there are still someone there waiting for you. Just wait and see. God Bless you!

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    just get a boyfriend hun it may help

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