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i had sex and the condom broke a few days later i got my period it came after 3 weeks its now 5 and nothing...?

could i really be pregnant? i dont think i could be only because i had gotten my period shortly after. i know i should go on the pill, trust me i plan on doing that soon. its always been irregular so i dont think of it as a big deal if it comes early or late a bit. i have had it as late as 5 but because it came after 3 before im a little concerned.

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    Fortunately or not it's ALWAYS a possibility you're pregnant. If it's bothering you, I'd recommend getting a blood test for very accurate results. You can get one from your doctor, planned parenthood, or even your community college. Good luck!

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    as long as you had your period after sex.. you should be fine..

    Unless in the last 5 weeks you had unsafe sex or risky condoms or anything..

    but since you got your period those chances from the broken condom are gone..

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    your fine.. if you had ur period... just go on the pill.. but be sure to do it every day and same time... !!! good luck!

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