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My hole in my but has white clear stuff.......?

My huttbole has this white gooey stuff coming out of it

The smell of it about KNOCKS ME OVER (though is addicting)

Does anyone know what this is? It looks like my semen... it is possible it could come out of my butt?



Please help am I going to die

sometimes it turns yellow

Update 2:

It tastes very sour...

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    1 decade ago
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    stop putting your weiner in there and that won't happen

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    1 decade ago

    The lining if the colon produces a mucous substance that makes it easier when you dump for it to slide through. When you are hot and sweaty, some of this material can leak from the colon to the brown eyed susie between your butt cheeks.

    If you are smelling it, be careful, because it has lots of E coli bacteria present, and can give you major diarrhea. It's OK and normal to have that bacteria in the large intestine and colon, but in the stomach or small intestine, it is dangerous.

    You just need to wipe your butt more on hot or sweaty days and shower more.

    Me! :- )

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    6 years ago

    :P Noooo! I luv luv luv putting things in my bum :3 it's so nice, round and big I likes to shakes it and watch it bounce... oh male by the way I'm not female :P and 32 years of age. Lol It's okay if you think feel I'm not grown up you can be that way if you like and I'll stay the way I am Happy and free! :D Idk though I get this clear sticky creamy load every time I'm sitting in my computer chair playing FPS.. getting head shot and nading peoples asses. :3 Sometimes it is in bed and when I wake or before going to sleep.. :s Idk but it fel :O AHHH so damn good. X3 and it lasts longer then well you know normal ejaculation It's like contractions if well from what I have read hear dof said "thing" They are... it's like tight.. then relaxe... on and off all the uUuHhHhh :3P till Pfffff and there it is. This last one happened so fast and I didn't even realize until :S it was way too late.. But :D it felt so gooood. If your a guy of age or older even... leave a like or comment... up to you. Later guyz and gals.

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    Did, you just taste it? What the hell are you thinking??? never taste something thats coming out of your anus, furthermore id it is a strange substance! that white stuff is full of diseases! go immediately to your doctor NOW! e.coli alert e.coli alert!

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    1 decade ago

    Definitely stop putting your weener in your corn hole..

    I know it's hard and all for you, being that you have the name 'Alex Huge Gigantic Weiner'...

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    haha. have you had anal sex? lol.

    nothing like that will come out your but if

    no one deposited semen there. waha.

    seriously, that might seem like a kind of infection or something.

    consult your doc.

    and btw, you won't die.

    and wtf!!

    you tasted it!


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    1 decade ago

    do you know what comes out of your butt??? S***!! DONT TASTE IT OTAY.

    just go to the doctor he will give you something to stop this funk coming out of your hole.

    Good luck

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    4 years ago

    that's in straightforward terms discharge. it incredibly is fluid out of your vagina. It comes out through fact the vagina is lubricating and cleansing itself. once you're nevertheless in touch, communicate on your mom, sister, aunt, cousin, everyone. and you ought to to pass to the wellness practitioner in case you sense it is odd. wish I helped. stable success.

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    You have a yeast infection in your anus. Just go to a doctor.

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    Stuff My ***

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