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Stupid Dress Code for High School. WHy!?

At my high school everyone breaks the dress code and none of the upperclassmen get in trouble, I've only seen freshman get in trouble. And it was really really hot so I wore shorts like and I got in trouble! Why do they care if you wear shorts like that, I mean it's not like my butt was hanging out or you could see anything inappropriate! I was just trying to not be super hot in the hot sun!! I thought that it is really lame that my school doesn't care if juniors and seniors wear short shorts--shorter than mine and spaghetti strap tops, but they yelled at me and my friend. And all we were doing was talking at lunch too! Why is it so unfair and why do they even have the dress code against shorts that aren't even SUPER short!? It just pissed me off, please explain...

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    Although I personally don't see anything wrong with the shorts, your school authority might find it revealing and thus not allowing it in its property.

    As for the injustices you've described, you should talk to your school about it to find out why.

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    Why not look in your school policy manual? It's probably mentioned very clearly, along with the reasons why--the ones they're willing to discuss--under "Dress code." You've learned an important lesson; not everyone is treated the same, whether they are or not, because people react differently to the same rule, interpret it differently, and of course feel personally wronged when the rule is applied to them.

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    woah, i totally agree with you ! i walk around the hall ways of my high school as a freshman and get in trouble for my shorts all the time, and they really are not short at all ! like you said they dont let my butt show or anything, but when those juniors and seniors walk around campus, with their little shorts and skimpy shirts, and dont even get talked to at all, it pisses me off ! they definitely are not being fair, and they should change this ! (:

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    Because you don't need to be walking around at your age looking like a whore.

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    I wish I had your problems.

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