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Cat VS. Scorpion? Can a Scorpion kill my cat?

Today was the third time I have caught my cat "playing" with a scorpion in the house. After every time she seems to be fine. But I don't know if a scorpion sting can kill or harm her? Anyone?

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    The common belief among both cat and scorpion professionals is that cats are not immune to scorpion venom. So why don't more cats die from scorpion stings? There are a few reasons.

    1. A scorpion will usually try to run away when it is in danger.

    2. If a scorpion does sting, it may first inject "pre-venom", which is designed to be painful, but it's harmless and keeps from wasting the real thing.

    3. A scorpion will deliver a potent sting right from the start if it is provoked or severely handled (like being stepped on by a human). A cat would probably not step on a scorpion 'by accident' and it wouldn't have the same impact if it did.

    4. Cats notice scorpions more readily than humans do.

    5. Cats are faster and more agile than their human counterparts.

    6 .Cats have fur. The scorpion stinger isn't very long, and, for most cats, the thickness of the fur protects them from stings.

    7. Cats have thick skin. Even if the stinger gets through the fur, the thick skin probably prevents the sting from piercing.

    I tend to believe, therefore, that cats are not immune to scorpion venom, but rather they are better at avoiding getting stung. Basically, yes a scorpion could kill your cat - however, the odds on it are rare. There are many different kinds of scorpions, varying in venom and potency, though. Try to keep your cat away from them at all time, of course. But trust your cat. Even if you cat is stung by a scorpion, that doesn't necessarily mean it will die. Not all scorpion stings are lethal.

    Your cat sounds a great deal like my 4 kittys. They will attack anything - and I do mean anything. Spiders, bugs, anything that moves (except small animals - thank goodness) and I get worried about them all the time. But my one cat who goes out every night is 14 years old - gets into the most of mischief - and the only run-in he had was with a humming bird who attacked him. He was fine (just had to have a little surgery.)

    Good luck with your kitty!:)

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    There's a kind of animal that's a pro at catching, killing, and scorpions.. a.. meerkat is it? Not too sure if you could keep one around, but to answer your question, a cat would not stand a fighting chance against scorpions. They are not a natural part of a domestic cat's life, so they have no protection against them inside or outside their bodies. Meerkats (I think) however are desert dwelling and are built to kill and eat scorpions. There might be a more domestic animal that has similar traits, possibly ferrets? Don't take my word on that, but it's worth looking into if you're looking for protection for yourself rather than just asking about your cat's fighting chances. But I digress, no, a cat will not help with a scorpion problem.

  • Yes, simple as that. Depending on the type of scorpion it could most certainly kill the cat.

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    Probably not. BUT that really depends on the species of scorpion. There's scorpions out there that would bring an elephant to it's knees.

    (not that they meet on a regular basis)

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    lol dude that scorpion will kill your cat in seconds flat. scorpions kill humans, it can definitely kill a cat

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