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Would you be happy if you had a boyfriend that...?

Is really really nice and really loyal and you know would do everything for you and you have a really really good relationship, BUT he isn't that cute? Would you over-look the physical aspect?

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    most definitly. looks do not matter in the long run. if you are looking for someone to potentially marry, you have to remember that when they get older they are going to be less attractive anyway. Most the time people do not get divorced because they think their spouse is ugly(there are a few cases) most the time it is because the spouse in not loyal, abusive etc. so the looks can definitly be overlooked

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    I was in that same exact situation! For the longest time, he really liked me, and when I started having feelings for him, I was reluctant to date him cause he wasn't that great looking. I realized I was just worrying about something petty and shallow, cause he really was everything I had ever wanted.

    We started dating, and over a short time, I totally was overlooking that physical aspect. His personality made up for any type of handsome features he lacked. I'm so glad I was with him, he made me happy in every possible way, I couldn't even imagine my life without him.

    If you think this guy is really worth it, and the relationship could turn into something really great, then keep him around. Guys that good don't come around so often, don't let the opportunity pass you by. If he really likes/loves you for who you are, why not do the same for him? Good luck with everything! :)

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    Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and someone can be the hottest guy in the world but have the WORST personality and it can completely change how physically attracted you are to him. It all depends on personality, and yes, I'd be happy. Looks fade and go away with time, but good men are hard to come by and a man who treats you like that will last forever.

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    If he's really nice and loyal, and we have a really good relationship.

    Whether he's cute or not, wouldn't matter I think. It's pretty hard to find someone like that in the first place why would you ditch him just because he's not that cute?

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    Your in luck, there is a book that will list details. The five love languages, is the book.

    they are

    1) touching

    2) gifts

    3)quality time

    4) acts of service

    5)words of praise

    That is of course just an index, and of little use to you with out the details, of how they relate to you and or your perspective mate. read the book.

    Looks are only there for a short time. I know it seems like twenty years is Forever, but it will fly by and you'll both be ugly, it wont matter then, read the book

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    What does looks have to do with it? If you love him, he loves you and treats you right then give it a try. You would be a shallow person if you didn't give him a chance just because he isn't that cute. And I think that personality is what makes a person good looking.

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    Depends... sometimes a person can find something attractive in almost any guy. It could be his body, eyes, hair, clothes, the way he acts, and ect. Some people can overlook things. Sometimes people get too annoying if they are perfect, even if they are cute or not. But truthfully, yes people can overlook "looks".

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    Is that really a question? Of course! Most always in life you can't get things both ways!!! I'd take a sweetheart over a super model any day of the week! You always know where their heart is!

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    i would take a good hearted, loyal boyfriend with a beautiful heart over a gorgeous exterior any old day of the week.

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    you need to be attracted to the person, but that attraction often comes from allot more then looks. If you can't look at the person and smile on the inside then it's not fair to them that you're attracted to them. no matter how much you "want" to be, only you can decide if you truly are.

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