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Has anyone noticed that leading chain pet stores like PetSmart don't sell high-quality foods?

Why do you think this is? My local PetSmart doesn't sell Wellness, Orijen, Merrick, or Innova. I've found that animal feed stores and small pet stores tend to carry these brands. What do you feed your dog(s), and where do you buy it?


Solid Gold is a great food too.

Update 2:

cool! 3 stores near me sell Wellness, Orijen, and Canidae.

Update 3:

Jean: I wish there were more pet stores dedicated to selling natural, holistic pet foods where I live.

Update 4:

Just looked at the website for Pet Food Express; seems like a great place!

Update 5:

Alias Boxer - Petco. carries those? Too bad the nearest Petco. where I live is an hour away.


Update 6:

The only food I would feed from Petsmart is Blue Buffalo. I think they also carry this food called Nature's Variety.

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    Hardly any stores sell "healthy" dog food

    The info on this website is well worth the reading. It's a little lengthy but it is an awesome eye-opener:

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Has anyone noticed that leading chain pet stores like PetSmart don't sell high-quality foods?

    Why do you think this is? My local PetSmart doesn't sell Wellness, Orijen, Merrick, or Innova. I've found that animal feed stores and small pet stores tend to carry these brands. What do you feed your dog(s), and where do you buy it?

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    Nearest Petsmart Near Me

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    I work at a family owned pet store. The reason those food companies don't sell their foods in the big chain stores is because they like to keep the small businesses in business. Plus when the big chain stores get a hold of those foods they tend to change the ingredients so they can sell it cheaper bringing down the quality of the food. Wellness just got put into Petco. The used to get all their ingredients in the USA. Now one of the ingredients they use they import from China so they can sell the food for less money. Just recently Wellness was purchased by Eagle Pack and both Wellness and Eagle Pack is owned by Elmer's glue. Go figure. Just like Nutro is owned by Mars Candy bars

    I recently talked to the representative for Merrick and she said they would never go into the big chain stores. She said it would ruin the quality of the food.

    The pet store i work for has been in business for over 80 years and is family owned. There's both a Petco and a PetSmart within 2 miles of the pet store. We are located right in the middle of the two stores. We sell out of food on a weekly basis.

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    Actually, PetCo now sells Wellness, Natural Balance, and Solid Gold....

    I've also heard there's a "Complete PetSmart" (same idea as Wal-Mart's Supercenter) that sells some of the higher quality foods. Not sure how many of those stores exist, but I know there's one in Ohio....

    But for the record, I don't have a PetCo in my area. And I'm nowhere near Ohio. =/

    I saw someone mention it on a boxer forum, that PetCo now sells those brands.... just looked it up on their website and it's there.

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    Yep, high-quality foods at the "big-box" petstores like Petco and Petsmart and few and far between, though I'm not sure why.

    There are a couple decent foods, Petco seems to carry them more often than Petsmart.

    * Blue Buffalo

    * Castor & Pollux

    * Eagle Pack Holistic Selects

    * Natural Balance

    * Solid Gold

    * Wellness

    (Not all foods available at all stores.)


    I feed my dog a variety of foods, I rotate when the bag runs out and occasionally feed canned. I most commonly use Merrick (dry), Nature's Variety (dry (Prairie) & canned (Instinct)), & EVO (canned).

    I buy dog food at a local pet-food store that only sells holistic foods.


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    I know, and it drives me crazy, LOL....

    Many Petsmarts across the country are beginning to carry Blue Wilderness, a grain-free version of Blue Buffalo. Blue Buffalo is probably the best food Petsmart carries. Not the best of the best of the best food in the world, but it's up there, and it's what I feed most of the time because it's easiest for me to acquire. When I can get my hands on EVO, I feed it....but most of the time it's Blue Wilderness.

    The primary reason for Petsmart not carrying the better brands is likely a logistics & supply issue. Petsmart, like Walmart, Target and any other big chain store has distribution warehouses across the country where they order food & supplies by the truckload and distribute what each individual store needs from there. One distribution center might serve 100 Petsmarts in a 500 mile radius.

    The bigger (crappy) food brands obviously have the production output to supply the huge demands of not just Petsmart/Petco, but to ship truckloads of their food to grocery store chains and Wal Marts across the country. Some of the biggest trucking companies in the country have HUGE accounts with Purina, Mars, etc.....and literally have thousands of trucks dedicated to simply hauling dog food. The food is cheap to make, the shipping is cheap, and they make massive quantities of it so they can keep their profit margin high.

    The smaller, premium brands don't have that kind of output. They cater to smaller businesses and generally when they make a shipment of food to a supplier, they ship it 1 or 2 pallets at a time on a LTL (less than truckload) carrier such as FedEx, Saia or Estes, direct to the door of the feed store. They don't have the output to load thousands of trucks and service every DC and retail outlet in the country.

    Just from my knowledge of logistics & shipping (husband and I have been around the trucking/freight brokering industry for 2 generations) this is likely the reason for the big-box stores not carrying a lot of the better food. There may well be more to it than this, something on a corporate level, but I'd bet money that this has SOMETHING to do with it :).

    I'm sure if Petsmart/Petco wanted to, they could GET limited amounts of super-premium brands in their stores, but they probably couldn't compete with the smaller stores as it may not be as cost effective, or it would be harder to keep the better foods in stock. I know the Petsmart nearest to my home in Sioux City is ALWAYS running out of Blue Wilderness and it can take 2 weeks for them to get more in. I usually have to call ahead and ask them to reserve me a bag when I need it.

    IMO, let the little guys carry the better food, anyway, so people give them the business! It's not convenient or possible for everyone all the time, but I do try to support small local business instead of big chains when I can! :)

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    Pet Supplies Plus carries Merrick, Solid Gold,Wellness,Eagle,Taste of the Wild ,Chicken Soup,Diamond Naturals,Natural Balance and many more.We don't have a PetSmart or a PetCo nearby. They don't sell Blue,but our Tractor Supply does.

    Oh,I feed mine Wellness and Eagle Pack Holistic dry,and Nature's Recipe Canned.Also Bil-Jac frozen and Fresh Pet Fresh Bites. I buy them all at Pet Supplies Plus except for the Fresh Pet,and they also get some meat and veggies and a few table scraps ( healthy ones.)

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    I get my dogs' Innova at Pet World Warehouse. I agree that PetSmart and Petco don't carry high quality foods.

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    Well I feed my dogs Science Diet Natures Best, and Nutro Natural Choice. Not only do they love it, but they look great and are very healthy.

    These are the few good brands Petsmart carries along with Blue Buffalo, I agree they dont sell everything natural though. I think I 've made pretty good choices, the ingredient list is an ok for me. I want to try Solid Gold for a change soon, but simply wanted to point out that Petsmart does carry quality food; you just have to be SELECTIVE!

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    I have noticed that with some of the stores here like PETSMART but PETLAND near me has high quality dog food and lower. I have a Beagle and he eats Orijen. I buy it either at PETLAND or our local pet store here in town.

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