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eating shrimp while pregnant?

Is it okay to eat shrimp or is ALL seafood ruled out?

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    Check with your doctor, but my friends have eaten cooked shrimp while of them would ONLY eat shrimp and lobster :p

    But double check, don't risk you and your baby's health on yahoo...

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    Shrimp is fine; it has low levels of mercury, so as long as you eat it in moderation, you're OK. I love shrimp, but I limited it to once a week at most while pregnant. Just make sure it's cooked, because any kind of raw seafood while pregnant is a no-no.

  • Vixen
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    I LOVE Shrimp but just dont eat to much if you dont eat it all the time go ahead i had soo much shrimp when i went to redlobster and had the all you can eat shrimp it was just for that one day so i was like why not if you dont do it all the time go for it but dont exagerate because its not good for the baby doctors reccommend we actually stay way from shrimp but im a true seafood lover so it was pretty hard!! Good Luck and dont eat to much! :)

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    Eating shrimp while pregnant?

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  • Anonymous
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    The biggest thing with seafood is to make sure it isn't high in mercury, like albacore solid white tuna is very high.

    Do not eat Shark, Swordfish, King Mackerel, or Tilefish because they contain high levels of mercury.

    Eat up to 12 ounces (2 average meals) a week of a variety of fish and shellfish that are lower in mercury.

    Five of the most commonly eaten fish that are low in mercury are shrimp, canned light tuna, salmon, pollock, and catfish.

    Another commonly eaten fish, albacore ("white") tuna has more mercury than canned light tuna. So, when choosing your two meals of fish and shellfish, you may eat up to 6 ounces (one average meal) of albacore tuna per week.

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    Shrimp is ok. I craved it constantly with my 1st baby. Its more of the expensive, high - end seafood such as shark and tuna that you should stay away from.

    Source(s): Mom of 19 mo. old and 9 week old boys.
  • Anonymous
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    Anything cooked is fine, raw is out. Basically stay away from raw fish and seafood, soft serve ice cream and soft cheeses.

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