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Is this type of bedding good for my hamsters?

its pine bedding and i have it in a fishtank and i have 2 hamsters in it is this good bedding to use it says its for hamsters too so is it good enough???


i know about the cedar bedding thats y i asked about the pine and a fishtank is perfectly fine for my hammies it dosent have a cover over it so the get plenty of air plus it is cleaned out once a week but thanks everyone else ill b sure to keep an eye on my babies:)))

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    It's good enough. You have to be careful of the pine bedding because of the dust. It can get cause raw nostrils and awful respiratory infections. Just watch your babies for a few days and see how it works with them, if it seems like they are irritated try another type. Try to find something that had little to no dust. You can even try the 'cloth' like bedding which is a lot better. It's hypoallergenic and is very soft on their little bodies. I use that type and my rat and Syrian hamster love it.

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    Pine bedding is probably the best you can use. I am actually allergic to pine bedding but i use it for my rabbit and hamster anyways. Never use Red Cedar though. There is a chemical in it that can actually hurt the hamster or any other type of small rodent. Red Cedar keeps the smell down a bit more though, so if u do, just get a small bag of it and put just the littlest bit in the bottom and cover it with pine. I did that for my ferret. But Pine, like i said is the best for that. Hope this helps... Good luck!

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    USE ASPEN!!!!!

    I used pine with my dwarf hamster once because the store was out of aspen. One day he started having problems with his eyes. I didn't realize it was the bedding causing it. His eyes would just stay shut and get kind of crusty. We tried several things to help his eyes and nothing was working. After the pine bedding we bought was all used up we went back to aspen and the eye problem cleared up on it's own. I'm pretty sure that he had some sort of allergic reaction or irritation from the bedding or something. I'll personally never use anything but aspen again.

    Also, just a little FYI, never use that cotton fluff stuff they sell either. I gave that to my dwarf hamster for a real long time too and he ended up dying of a prolapsed rectum. I'm convinced that he was ingesting the cotton stuff and it caused blockage and it ended up killing him :(

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    Pine & Cedar bedding should BOTH be avoided at all costs.

    Aspen is the only appropriate wood bedding available. Other than that, Soft Sorbent and Carefresh are good options.

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    Don't use pine bedding!

    The wrong kind of bedding can make your hamster sick or worse yet, kill him/her. Avoid at all costs Cedar and Pine bedding. Newspaper is also bad because of the possibility of sickness caused by the inks used.

    go here to learn more, PLEASE!

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    You should never keep a hamster (or any rodent) in a fish tank. There isn't enough ventilation and rodents will get respiratory infections from the ammonia in their urine very easily. You need to get something with wires that is made especially for rodents. I would also suggest Carefresh bedding..there is no dust or scent at all. Plus, it's real easy to clean and absorbs wetness quickly.

    Source(s): My daughter and I have had many hamsters, mice and rats over the years.
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    Pine will kill them.

    Use the bedding from this website.

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    i woulnt recommend pine bedding cuz it attrack mites and because stores a lot of dust...i'm using care fresh for my hammies and they love is a little more expensive but is safe...especially if ur hammies poops alot like

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