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I would like to donate to an animal welfare charity?

I would like to donate to WSPA. I've done my homework and they seem to do a lot of good work. What do you think of this particular charity, and do they 'get the job done?'

Here is their website.

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    I donate to WSPA every year, and also purchase their t-shirts which are sold by The Body Shop.

    I find them to be a very worthwhile charity, and will continue to donate in the future.

    Another option is PETA, but I find WSPA to be a little more grounded with what they are trying to do, and overall I think that they are a better organisation

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    This is a good group but another shelter I suggest is Wind & Willows Small Animal Shelter/ Hospice. This is more for saving animals from bad situations, then getting the animals to new homes. Most of the animals are forever residents at the hospice, but there are a few adoptables in good condition. Since most of the animals are permanent residents, they are in need of donations. You can fond this shelter on pet finder. Maybe google...

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    Have you thought of a ferret shelter there are alot of them that really need help and those poor lil bundles of joy suffer so much and all their conditions are very painful for them

    If you can would you please join a group for ferrets on yahoo and find out how much joy they bring you and how much they suffer because mankind made them be dependent on us instead of leaving them in the wild and now there are only the Black footed ferret who is almost extinct

    The ferret shelters really have a huge loving heart as it is expensive to have ferrets when they are ill as their alot diffrent from any other domesticated animal their genetic make up is no where near cats or dogs

    I have 7 beautiful fuzz buckets and no they do not smell if you keep cage clean and ears free of mites

    I have one who was owner surrendered at the Delaware SPCA and they knew nothing of them until Claudia at the Oxford Rescue taught them ,

    He is blind and in the beginning stages of adrenal as well as insulinoma ( not sure if spelled right) ]

    I have to watch him closely to make sure sugar does not drop and stays regulated and his care will be very expensive but he is worth every penny I have to go because I am crying as I know I wont have a whole lot of time left with him but he just stole my heart

    So please just think about donating to a shelter for ferrets

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    my school just had a fundraiser and we chose animal welfare league as our charity

    we just called them up and invited them to receive our cheque of 300 bucks.

    they wer really grateful

    we also donated alot of animal food too.

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    Very nice, or instead you can take good care of you own beast

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