Fix/Improve my D.D Deck?


Light And Darkness Dragon-1

D.D Survivor-3


Bazoo The soul eater-1

Gren Maju De Eiza-1

Marauding Captain-1

White Horned Dragon-1

Caius the Shadow Monarch-1

D.D Warrior Lady-

Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer-1

D.D Scout Plane-1

D.D Assailant-1

Obsidian Dragon-1


Lightning Vortex-1

Double Summon-1


NobleMan Of Crossout-1

D.D.R Different Dimension Reincarnation-1

Enemy Controller-1

Reinforcements of The army-1

Heavy Storm-1

Scape Goat-1

Brain Control-1

Dimensional Fissure-2

Swords Of Revealing Light-1

Ekibyo Drakmord-1


Macros Cosmos-1

Karma Cut-1

Return From the Dfferent Dimension-1

WideSpread Ruin-1

Magic Cylinder-1

Radiant Mirror Force-1

Sakuretsu Armor-1

Bottomless trap hole-1

Negate attack-1

Torrential Tribute-1

Trap Dustshoot-1

Okay So Thats My Deck So Tell me what i need to improve it Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If i was you I'd buy two more D.E structure decks. You can build a pretty strong duelling deck out of these. You are a little low on monsters too....they need to be about half your playing deck. Here is a good duelling deck you could build with JUST 3 D.E Decks (though to be truly powerful you will need to add/swap several additional cards).

    (Monsters x19)

    Caius x3

    Golden Homu x3

    Gren Maju Da Eiza x2 (most under rated card in the D.E deck)

    DD Survivor x3

    DD Scout Plane x3

    DD Warrior Lady x1

    DD Warrior x1

    DD Assailant x3

    (Spells x13)

    Dimmensional Fissure x3

    DDR x3

    Mystical Space Typhoon x1

    Reinforcement of the Army x2

    Brain Control x1

    Lightning Vortex x1

    Enemy Controller x2

    (Traps x8)

    Macro Cosmos x3

    RDD x1

    Bottomless Trap Hole x2

    Sak Armour x1

    TT x1

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dude you need to improve alot and DADD and jinzo isn't going to help you.First of all you need more monarchs and it's remove so you have to put more macros and dimensional fissure.

    Here is a tournament comptetive deck.

    20 Monsters

    1 breaker the magical warrior

    3 Cauis the shadow monarch

    2 Mobius the frost monarch

    1 Raiza the storm monarch

    3 D.D. survivor

    1 neo-spacian grandmole

    1 morphing jar

    2 D.D assailant

    1 Exiled force

    1 D.D warrior lady

    1 Cyber dragon

    3 gravekeeper's spy

    13 Spells

    2 Reinforcements of the army

    3 dimensional fissure

    1 D.D.R - Different dimension reincarnation

    2 enemy controller

    1 lightning vortex

    1 brain control

    1 soul exchange

    1 heavy strom

    1 mystical Space typhoon

    7 traps

    2 Solemn judgement/bottem less traphole

    2 macro cosmos

    1return from the different dimension

    1 mirror force

    1 torrential tribute

    it goes like this You flip the gravekeeper's spy and get another one tribute it for monarchs or get dimmensional fissure on field or macro and get d.d. survivor to sacrifice for the monarch

    Or with cyber dragon.

    Well succes.

    Source(s): A year of experience.
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