how do i invest in stock?

how do i go about investing in some stock, whats the first steps i take,

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    i have invested over 100k in asset management , made 3% to 10% monthly, they have 5 years in market ,The trader have only the Power of Attorney and i can revoke it whenever i want and i watch the trader job 24 hours daily by platform online. i'm happy to make money with them safely. great and wonderful , take a look what i have shared with you.Recommended ! Good Luck!

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    You can get an online broker account and do it all with software. If you are willing to learn, really willing and really determined to learn you should check out the Forex (Foreign Exchange Market) it's basically trading currency pairs like the Pound Dollar (GBP USD), Euro Dollar (EUR USD), Euro Pound (EUR GBP), as the value of one currency goes up or down you trade it for the other by placing a buy or sell order and when it makes a profit (Goes up for buy or down for sell) you trade the currencies back and make a nice profit.

    WARNING: You can and also will make unprofitable trades, as with any trading there is risk involved but you use risk and money management techniques to make those losses minimal. Every trader loses money with some trades, some trades just don't go as planned but it's how you manage that loss that makes a great trader.

    Know the term "Buy low, sell high" and "The trend is your friend"

    Learn about indicators and signals and technical analysis and you can make good money doing it. If you're interested check out the websites provided below. You can even get a demo account and use "play money" to do the trades until you figure it all out and decide whether it's for you or not.

    P.S. just a warning the Forex market is very volatile and you can easily lose all your money if you are not careful.

    Good luck.

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    the first step is

    open ur demat acount + trading acount.

    get some information about the value stock.

    search about the EPS of tht share,P/E of tht share. how strong tht company is ? what they produce,what is their next years target,what is their stocks book value, how much orders they have in their pocket. and some information about the low and high price of tht stock of last one year. this way u will come to know how attractive the stock is .

    Happy investing

    Source(s): Invest for long term . and invest only 50 % of ur total investment. market is weak, may see new botoms so u can invest rest of 50% tht time .
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    Opening an account with a stock broker.

    Deposit some funds.

    Call the broker and tell him what you want to buy or sell.

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    It's simply, just open an account with a broker. This can all be done online try

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